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"Rostok - ELEKOM"

The firm "Rostok - ELEKOM" was established in December 1992 on the basis of the department of microprocessing technical equipment of Specialized Design Office of the Kiev Production Amalgamation "Tochelektropribor" (now SC "Rostok") which during 50 years has been developing and manufacturing high precision electrical measuring instruments, electronic technical devices and electrical appliances.

The firm "Rostok - ELEKOM" is specialized in the development and production of special devices on the basis of microprocessing technical equipment with original software.

The form of ownership of the firm “Rostok - ELEKOM” is collective, without a share of the state in the stature capital. The staff of the firm consists of 40 highly qualified specialists with the record of work from 10 to 30 years. An average age of specialists is 42 years old, 72 per cent of the staff has higher education. They are the leading engineers – specialists in electronics, designers, programmers and economists. There is an assembly shop manned with assemblers and tuners of radioelectronic devices.

  • Central traffic control post
  • Different modifications of traffic controllers;
  • Electronic schematic city map
  • Detectors of motor vehicle
  • Wireless control equipments
  • The system of ecological monitoring of highways
  • Traffic lights (as lamp, and LED)
  • The pedestrian signal head light with time display
  • Necessary accessories for installation, mounting and service of a equipments.

On the order of the Ministry of Interior Affairs (MIA) of Ukraine we have worked out technical documentation and produce complex devices and software for the automated TRAFFIC CONTROL SYSTEM (TCS). The main aim of TCS is organization of flexible traffic control in accordance with the standards approved in Ukraine. Such complex automated TCS were not manufactured before in Ukraine.

The firm is working on creation of a system, which will be used for the computerized control of devices for automatic detection of the motor vehicles stolen, with defining their place of location. The above system can be used for tracking the city (public) transport, special vehicles and detecting the motor vehicles, which were stolen (on the basis of GPS – radio receivers). In prospect we suppose to develop the controller's posts for servicing taxi and buses equipped with radio, their assembling and technical service.

At present our firm offers a complete complex of hardware and software for equipping cities with the automated traffic control systems (traffic controllers, a central traffic control post,detectors of motor vehicles, wire and wireless channels of control and an original software) and also a complex of services on transporting, assembling, guarantee and post-guarantee service. The firm has completely learnt the Ukrainian market and established partner relations with the corresponding departments of Ukraine's traffic police.

The installation of our equipment promotes solving transport problems of large cities:

  • increase of motor vehicle transport intensity,
  • guarantee of traffic participants safety,
  • improvement of ecological condition of the environment.

Our equipment is successfully maintained in many cities of Ukraine (Kiev, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Poltava, Sevastopol and others), and also in Latvia and Moldova.

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