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Traffic management center    PE2002

  • High degree of automation
  • All information on screen monitor
  • Vector - electronic city map
  • Detailed graphics crossroads image
  • Image of information on the electronic schematic city map
  • Automatic protocol of the system work
  • The voice messages about equipment condition
  • Complete information about traffic characteristics
  • Flexible automatic control according to the coordination plans
  • Efficient-dispatch control of one or group of crossroads
  • “Green street” mode
  • Complete control of the traffic controllers
  • Burned-out lamps list
  • The modular structure of equipments
  • Wires and wireless control
  • Prevention of unauthorized accesses to an equipment
  • Uninterrupted power source,
  • and many other thing.


 Main characteristics

Wire control up to


Wires and wireless control  up to 


Daily programs

not limited

Coordination plans

not limited

Coordinated pathway up to


Operation protocol of the equipment and traffic lights


Archiving of the monthly protocols

not limited



Power supply

220 V, 50W, 50-60 Hz