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is a stable and reliable manufacturer and system integrator of hardware and software solutions in the field of traffic management on the principles of ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems).

 "Rostock-ELEKOM" has a scientific and technical potential and production capacity to deal with such problems as:

• Analysis of the traffic situation and the design of the traffic management system.

• Production and delivery of a full range of hardware and software traffic management equipment:

We have twenty five years of experience in creating automated traffic management systems in the cities of Ukraine (Kiev, Zhytomyr, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Chernivtsi, Nikolaev, Kremenchug) and abroad (Moldova, Chisinau, 2001, Latvia, Riga, 2002, Georgia, Tbilisi, 2012) and elements for them: TMC, controllers, traffic lights, equipment sets for various types of communication, specialized software. Our equipment works in more than 60 cities of Ukraine.

Since 2023, the company has been part of AVT GROUP (Germany)

It should be noted that our company cooperates extensively with leading companies in the field AVT STOYE (Germany), GEVAS (Germany), FLIR (Belgium), BARCO (Belgium), Quercus (Spain), Mizar (Italy) and others  to create a truly world-class system.

The company has all necessary licenses to operate on the objects in the traffic management field, and  in the video surveillance field (Milestone).

Tenders in which we participated, show that our proposal is quite cost competitive, and systemic approach (step by step) allows customers to save money significantly.

We are ready to get investors to take part in serious and meaningful projects, (for example through EBRD structures, and in the regime of private-state partnership).